Thursday, Nov. 20, 2014

Into the fire

Fryingpan water case appealed to Colorado High Court

Ivanhoe Reservoir sits behind a 21-foot-tall dam at an elevation of 10,900 feet in the Upper Fryingpan River Basin. BRENT GARDNER-SMITH


Aspen Times

Pitkin County, the Colorado River District and the Grand Valley Water Users Association have each filed an appeal with the Colorado Supreme Court over a recent Water Court decree setting the size of a diversion from the headwaters of the Fryingpan River.


Coal mining pollutants rise in Mont. watershed

Flathead Beacon

With renewed plans to expand coal-mining operations in British Columbia’s Elk River drainage, upstream from one of Montana’s world-class watersheds, researchers and government agencies are intensifying scrutiny on environmental hazards spanning the border.


Water is biggest output of oil and gas wells


The biggest product of the U.S. petroleum industry is not oil, gas or condensate but water, billions and billions of gallons containing dissolved salts, grease and even radioactive materials.

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