Thursday, Nov. 17, 2016

Fill Mead First?

Utah State scientists weigh in on plan, urge caution

Glen Canyon Dam has greatly altered the Colorado River, inundating more than 150 miles of the Colorado River in Glen Canyon and transforming the ecosystem of the Colorado River in the Grand Canyon. But Utah State University scientists urge caution in implementing the widely publicized Fill Mead First plan aimed at restoring the canyon. It calls for partially or completely draining Lake Powell and collecting the water downstream in Lake Mead.


Report: Fracking still not cause of Wyo. pollution

Casper Star-Tribune

Wyoming regulators are doubling down on conclusions that natural gas operations were likely not responsible for polluted drinking water in the small town of Pavillion. The Wyoming Department of Environmental Quality released an 80,000-page report Thursday mirroring findings from earlier studies, despite recent criticism from the Environmental Protection Agency.

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