Thursday, Sept. 3, 2015

Urban sewage farm

N.M. pilot project using algae to clean wastewater


The Guardian

The sulfurous springs of Yellowstone national park are scalding, tainted with heavy metals and acidic enough to eat through clothing. But their murky depths are also home to a heat-loving algae that scientists are using to clean wastewater and generate energy — and could one day help provide cleaner, healthier water around the world.


Mining reclamation may be a pipe dream

Durango Herald

Despite cries for a focus on reclamation following the Gold King Mine spill, restoring thousands of inactive mines across Colorado and the nation may prove difficult, if not logistically impossible due to a lack of the technology and funding needed.


Kan., Neb. reach 1-year deal on river water use

Lincoln Journal-Star

Kansas and Nebraska will extend an agreement for a year to allow Nebraska to pump more than its share of the Republican River while ensuring Kansas eventually gets the water it is due, according to the Republican River Compact Administration.

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