Thursday, Aug. 4, 2016

'Politics of water'

Experts say divisive issue transcends party affiliation


Colorado State University

The politics of water in the West was the theme of the second annual Western Water Symposium, held at the end of July on the Colorado State University campus. More than 130 attendees heard from a series of water experts that the politics of water in the West transcends party affiliation — and there’s probably not a more divisive issue, even in this election year.


Criminal probe into Gold King spill confirmed

Denver Post

Federal authorities have confirmed for the first time that a criminal investigation into the 2015 Gold King Mine spill is under way, saying their probe involves the U.S. Attorney’s Office and came at the request of members of Congress.


States show they can sometimes stop quakes

Kansas and Oklahoma, which acknowledge that humans are causing earthquakes, have shown they can stop them. After restricting oil and natural gas operations in certain hotspots, Oklahoma has an average of two earthquakes a day, compared with about six a day last summer. Kansas is getting about a quarter of the quakes it once did.

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