Thursday, April 28, 2016

Big CAP cuts

Calif. may share pain for first time if drought worsens

Daily Star

Arizona Daily Star

Arizona, California and Nevada negotiators are moving toward a major agreement triggering cuts in Colorado River water deliveries to Arizona to avert much more severe cuts in the future. As state water officials now envision the agreement, it would also ultimately require California to cut its use of river water. That’s despite a 48-year-old law that says the Central Arizona Project must relinquish all its supply during shortages before California loses any.


Fracking leaves legacy of water pollution in N.D.

Bismarck Tribune

A published and peer-reviewed Duke University study finds that thousands of saltwater and frack flowback water spills throughout the North Dakota oil patch have left a legacy of toxic contamination, including radioactive soils and polluted streams unsafe for human consumption and aquatic health. The Duke team of researchers, who advocate for more study, published the results Wednesday in the Environmental Science & Technology journal.


Las Vegas bets it can be the Silicon Valley of water


If Las Vegas is the most profligate place on earth, where chance is king and the future is routinely gambled away, it is also possibly the most frugal and forward-looking American city in one respect: water. And now it’s trying to leverage that reputation by turning itself into a hub for new and innovative water technology.

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