Thursday, April 16, 2015

Upward trend

Analysis tells real story on nitrate levels in Iowa's rivers


Des Moines Register

Nitrate levels in Iowa's major rivers have increased more than threefold since the 1950s, but have stabilized — and even slightly declined — in recent decades, according to an in-depth review of available research. The increased levels directly correspond with Iowa's rise as an agriculture powerhouse.


Garfield County wants West Slope water summit

Glenwood Springs Post Independent

Garfield County wants to host a summit among Western Slope water interests in an effort to present a “united voice” on the prospect of new transmountain diversions, and how that would be stated in the forthcoming Colorado Water Plan.


Shhh, the water district is listening for leaks

Las Vegas Review-Journal

It’s one of the community’s oldest and most important water lines, so the Las Vegas Valley Water District wants to keep a close eye on it. Well, not an eye exactly. More like a fancy new set of electronic ears.

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