Wednesday, Dec. 6, 2017

Keeping score

Report assesses Puget Sound stormwater management

KNKX Seattle

New regulations under the Clean Water Act mean 81 cities and counties around Puget Sound have to update their development codes to reduce stormwater runoff. A scorecard from the Puget Soundkeeper Alliance and the Washington Environmental Council rates the cities on five key indicators. The scorecard also highlights success stories of eight communities that stand out for going above and beyond in their efforts to reduce stormwater runoff.  


Study: Floods are vital to healthy river ecosystems

The Chronicle

A study conducted by Oregon State University makes the case that floods are key component to the long term health of entire river ecosystems.  That relationship between natural flooding events and a fully developed and thriving river system means that any human intervention through impediments such as dams can have untold repercussions in the future, according to the study.


How climate is impacting the West — right now

Water Deeply

We are now living in a time that’s the warmest in the history of modern civilization, according to the latest Climate Science Special Report. Many studies have modeled future impacts from climate change, but scientists have shown that warming trends are already affecting water and ecosystems in the West. If you’re wondering what climate change feels like, look to Oregon.