Wednesday, Nov. 11, 2015

A river ran through it

WSU researcher leads effort to create river network



On Earth

A team of scientists wants to create the first riparian conservation network — a nationwide system of protected creeks, streams, and rivers the likes of which the world has never seen. Alexander Fremier, a Washington State University ecologist, thinks having these lush corridors connect protected lands to each other would be a bonanza for the environment. A new paper outlining the idea explains how these links could improve water quality.


Report: Puget Sound restoration effort stagnates

Skagit Valley Herald

Washington's effort to improve the health of Puget Sound is moving slowly, even with a variety of fish-focused projects in motion throughout the Skagit River watershed, from major dike setbacks to minor culvert replacements. In a State of the Sound Report released last week, the Puget Sound Partnership describes the progress to restore this inlet of the Pacific Ocean as largely stagnant.


Klamath water deal nears December deadline

Public News Service

Time is running out for Congress to pass the Klamath Basin Restoration Agreement by the December deadline. But at the White House Tribal Nations Conference late last week, there were glimmers of hope that it could still be possible. President Obama told the group he's committed to working with tribal nations to protect natural resources and honor their heritage.

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