Wednesday, Sept. 9, 2015

EPA wades in

Agency set to override Wash. water quality standards

Scott Mazzone, a marine biologist with the Quinault Indian Nation, takes water quality samples. Credit: Debbie Ross-Preston, NW Indian Fisheries Commission.

Public News Service

Public News Service

The EPA is proposing changes to the water quality standards for human health in Washington, after the state has spent years deciding how to create its own standards. At issue are two key components of water quality, the fish consumption rate and the cancer risk rate. The EPA and state both agree that a higher fish consumption rate accurately reflects the Northwestern diet, but they differ on an acceptable cancer risk rate.


Obama pledges clean drinking water in Alaska

The Guardian

President Obama closed out his visit to Alaska promising to provide remote native villages with both 20th-century standards of flush toilets and sanitation and much-needed protection against the 21st-century consequences of climate change. The White House pledged $17.6 million to help bring flush toilets and safe drinking water to 17 remote communities.


UI to test new water filtration system on dairies

Capital Press

A University of Idaho professor who developed a mobile facility that cleans dirty water and converts the pollutants into fertilizer plans to start testing his experimental technology on dairy lagoons in late-September. The system works by adding a biochar powder treated with iron to water, where it bonds with pollutants.

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