Wednesday, Sept. 2, 2015

Obama in Alaska

President makes appeal for climate change action

Pres. Barack Obama greets each of the foreign ministers attending the Conference on Global Leadership in the Arctic: Cooperation, Innovation, Engagement and Resilience after his speech to close the event in Anchorage on Monday. MICHAEL PENN

Juneau Empire

Los Angeles Times

President Obama started out persuasive Monday, patiently ticking off evidence of climate change during the first major speech of his three-day Alaska tour, but he ended up blunt, calling out “deniers” who would stand in the way of desperately needed change. He used the backdrop of America's only Arctic state to emphasize the need for this country and others to move, and move fast, to reduce carbon emissions and to pursue cleaner energy sources.


EPA water rule clear as mud, ag groups say

Capital Press

The new federal Clean Water Rule went into effect Friday in Washington and Oregon with agricultural groups still uncertain about whether the law will put projects under more federal control. The uncertainty extends to whether the rule is actually in effect. A U.S. District Court granted an injunction Thursday sought by 13 states, including Idaho, to delay the rule’s implementation.


Oregon State researchers give dry farming a try

Capital Press

As drought continues across the West, farming without irrigation may be an option for some producers. A dry farming demonstration project at Oregon State University is examining the possibilities of growing food crops without irrigation. The technique can work, and small farms could certainly feed themselves with dry farming methods, but it’s not clear whether it can pay off commercially.

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