Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Powerful idea

Portland plans to sell natural gas produced from waste

The Columbia Boulevard Wastewater Treatment Plant serves residential and commercial customers in Portland.

City of Portland

Oregon Public Broadcasting

For years, the sewage flushed away by Portland households has decomposed into methane gas captured by the city’s wastewater plant and turned into energy and electricity. Now, the city’s wastewater agency, the Bureau of Environmental Services, has a new plan for the gas that’s produced by your solid waste. It plans to convert the methane into renewable natural gas and sell it as fuel for trucks and buses, with the help of Northwest Natural Gas.


Projects open doors to fewer floods in Washington

Encyclopedia of Puget Sound

A new approach to flood control is taking hold across Puget Sound. Rivers, scientists say, can be contained by setting them free. Conservationists hope this is good news for salmon recovery. Floodplains by Design, a program that encourages community members to work together, has attracted $80 million in state funding to work on 29 projects statewide over the past four years.


Vancouver residents asked to fight unflushables

Water Canada

Metro Vancouver is rolling out a new campaign, "The Unflushables," in hopes of educating residents to stop dumping items down the drain that clog the municipal and regional sewer system. The cost of dealing with this issue across Canada has been estimated at $250 million. The campaign will focus on the worst offenders for clogged drains, such as wipes, paper towels, as well as medications.