Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Beware of the blob

Warm-water mass off coast may explain weird weather

The Classic Club is seen last week in Palm Desert, Calif. A so-called pseudo-El Nio in the southwestern Pacific could be a hopeful sign for parched California because a real El Nio often follows, which could mean a higher probability of rain and snow, says UW atmospheric scientist Dennis Hartmann.  DAMON WINTER

New York Times

Seattle Times

A gargantuan blob of warm water parked off the West Coast is part of a larger pattern that helps explain California’s drought, Washington’s snow-starved ski resorts and record blizzards in New England, according to new analyses by Seattle scientists. The blob blossomed offshore 2013 and it’s still there, hundreds of miles wide stretching from Alaska to Mexico.


DEQ releases report on chemicals in Ore.'s waters


A new study by the Oregon Department of Environmental Quality shows toxic chemicals, ranging from pesticides to metals, are present in all water basins of the state, with some monitoring sites showing levels above state criteria or benchmarks for human health and aquatic life.


Microbeads ban down the drain in Washington


Legislation aimed at reducing water pollution by phasing out plastic microbeads in products like toothpaste and cosmetics got a unanimous yes vote in the Republican-controlled Washington Senate. But the Democratic-controlled House Environment Committee scrubbed it, leaving it among this session’s dead bills.

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