Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Water worries

Long-term implications of drought has Oregon on edge

At Applegate Lake outside Ruch, Ore., the water level was about 25 feet lower than normal in January 2014. This year, similarly low streamflows are anticipated as drought grips Oregon.

The Oregonian

The Oregonian

A historically warm winter has Oregon facing its fourth straight year of drought, prompting worry that the extended warm spell fueling California's water crisis is about to hit Oregon. Short of getting twice the normal rain this spring — which experts don't expect — Oregonians can expect fewer healthy fish in the river, fewer seeds in the ground, fewer cattle in the fields and more acres on fire.


Washington DOE details drought relief budget

Capital Press

The Washington Department of Ecology has requested $9 million in drought relief, but only $5 million would be spent unless the drought worsens in the Yakima Basin. The spending plan includes $2 million for municipal water systems, $1.5 million to increase stream flows, $1 million for fish hatcheries and $500,000 for administrative costs.


Ocean fish face health impacts from pollution

Daily Barometer

Human pollution may be affecting oceans and the species living within them as deep as a mile down, according to a press release from Oregon State University. OSU scientists were part of a research team that found deep-water fish with liver pathologies, tumors and other health problems potentially caused by human pollution.

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