Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Deep impact

Oregon DEQ prepares for big staff cuts under Trump

Oregon DEQ

Oregon Public Broadcasting

The Oregon Department of Environmental Quality expects to lose more than a dozen people in the agency’s water quality program because of President Trump’s proposed cuts to the EPA budget, according to an internal DEQ memo. The DEQ analysis also projects reductions for programs that deal with runoff pollution and with farm and forest lands along Oregon’s coast.


Washington advances ‘use it or lose it’ water bill

Capital Press

The Washington state House this week may take up a bill to ensure conservation doesn’t erode agricultural water rights. Senate Bill 5010 would allow irrigation districts and farmers to retain their full rights, even if they cut back on use for an extended period. The bill does not have the backing of the Department of Ecology, which said the current rules allow farmers to conserve water without losing rights.


$12M in funding flows to Alberta's watersheds

CBC News

Alberta's government announced a $12 million commitment to protect the province's watersheds. Over the next three years, 11 watershed councils will share $3.2 million, while the Alberta Water Council will get $750,000 per year over three years.