Wednesday, March 18, 2015

It's official

Washington governor declares drought in three regions

Scott Pattee checks snow levels this month at Stevens Pass in Washington's Cascade Mountains. ASHLEY AHEARN


Los Angeles Times

It's possible to have rain — lots of it — and still be plagued by drought. Just look at tiny Forks, Wash., which bills itself as the wettest town in the contiguous United States. More than 2 feet of rain has fallen on the Olympic Peninsula hamlet this year but Gov. Jay Inslee declared droughts in that region, the east side of the Central Cascade Mountains and in the Walla Walla area.


Low snowpacks spur Oregon drought emergency

Statesman Journal

Two Oregon counties have declared a drought emergency and have asked Gov. Kate Brown to follow suit. Brown is expected to sign drought declarations this week for Lake and Malheur counties, in Oregon's southeast corner. The governor's drought declaration will allow increased flexibility in how water is managed.


Bill would allow Boise to fund cloud seeding

Capital Press

A bill sailing through the Idaho Legislature would allow water districts to use member fees to fund cloud seeding programs designed to increase water supplies. The bill would pave the way for a cloud seeding program that could add an additional 200,000 acre-feet of runoff per year.

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