Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Arsenic discovery

U of O research could lead to cleaner drinking water

University of Oregon Geologist Qusheng Jin. BENJAMIN SHAPIRO


Oregon Public Broadcasting

Arsenic in drinking water is a worldwide problem. Now a discovery by scientists at the University of Oregon could lead to a new way to remove the toxic chemical, making groundwater supplies safer for communities. The researchers found that microbes naturally transform toxic water-born arsenic into a gas that can rise and get trapped in soil.


What record-low snowpack means for Northwest

Oregon Public Broadcasting

This year is on track to be one of the lowest snow years on record in the Northwest. However, despite dire warnings about low snowpack, things aren’t looking desperate yet on all fronts. That’s because the Northwest is seeing normal or above-average amounts of overall precipitation, it’s just coming as rain instead of snow.


Loudest ocean noise? Alaska's melting glaciers


Through underwater recordings of bays in Alaska, researchers have discovered that the areas where glacial ice flows into the sea and melts are the noisiest places in the ocean. No other sources make as much sound as melting does.

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