Wednesday, Feb. 28, 2018

New requirements

Oregon day cares must test water for lead by Sept. 30

Portland Parks & Recreation was among many government agencies that tested drinking water for high levels of lead in 2016.

Portland Parks & Rec

The Oregonian

All licensed day cares in Oregon will be required to test drinking water for high levels of lead under rules approved by a state board. Day cares must test water and submit results to state regulators by Sept. 30. Day cares must close access to taps with excessive lead in water. And failure to test or provide clean drinking water could result in warnings, fines or license revocations.


Washington water projects get $220 million boost

Washington Department of Ecology

Communities across Washington seeking funding for important clean-water projects are about to get a significant boost from the Department of Ecology. The agency announced that it is awarding nearly $220 million in grants and loans to help pay for 230 high-priority, clean-water projects.


Alaskan city wants to sell water to Cape Town

KCAW Sitka

Some of Sitka, Alaska’s surplus water may be headed to Cape Town, South Africa, which is experiencing its worst drought in a century. The board of Sitka’s industrial park drafted a proposed contract which — if approved by the assembly — could see up to a billion gallons of water per year headed to the drought-ravaged city.