Wednesday, Jan. 7, 2015

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Geothermal stalled in Canada despite rich resources

The Parliament in Ottawa, Canada

Wikimedia Commons

Globe and Mail

Geothermal power has taken hold in countries around the world. Yet Canada, which has plentiful geothermal resources, especially in British Columbia, remains a blank slate. A lack of government policy support is blamed for keeping the industry from getting started in Canada.


Washington lawmakers turn attention to water

Capital Press

Water is one of the headline agricultural issues in Washington as legislators prepare to convene for their 2015 session. Eastside and westside lawmakers may form an alliance to promote a statewide multi-billion-dollar water bond.


Oregon city flips the switch on UV water treatment

Baker City Herald

The final phase in Baker City, Ore.’s, war against cryptosporidium is complete. Crypto oocysts in the municipal water supply are doomed. The city is fighting the gut-twisting bug with light. Deadly ultraviolet light, that is.

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