Thursday, Sept. 1, 2016

Legal fight

Miami joins dispute over Florida's water pollution limits

The Environmental Regulation Commission approved controversial new water pollution standards during a meeting last month in Tallahassee. JOE RONDONE

Tallahassee Democrat

Tallahassee Democrat

The city of Miami and others are joining the legal fight against proposed new surface water standards approved last month by the Florida Environmental Regulation Commission. The city, in an administrative petition, said the new standards for chemicals that can go into Florida's rivers, lakes and estuaries would result in more pollution and higher health risks to residents.


Analysis: La. will need Congress’ help after flood

Shreveport Times

Insurance payments and traditional federal aid programs won’t be enough to respond to the catastrophic flooding that ravaged tens of thousands of homes across south Louisiana, wrecking entire subdivisions and devastating entire cities. Louisiana, once again, will be asking Congress to lend a hand to an ailing state.


Report says Texas flouted federal aquifer rules

Associated Press

Texas allowed the drilling of oil and natural gas injection wells in some areas near drinking water sources starting more than three decades ago, but state regulators recently assured the federal government the effort posed "little to no risk" to the subterranean reserves, according to a recent report by Clean Water Action.

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