Thursday, July 2, 2015

States confront EPA

Texas, Fla, Ala., Miss., sue over 'Waters of the U.S' rule


Texas Tribune / WFSU Tallahassee

Joined by Louisiana and Mississippi, Texas is challenging the EPA's "Waters of the U.S." rule. Florida is also challenging the rule in a separate lawsuit. The rule is aimed at better defining the scope of bodies of water protected under the Clean Water Act. Members of the farm lobby and GOP leaders say the rule will lead to more regulation and a takeover of private property. The EPA says it does not plan to expand the waters under its jurisdiction, only to clarify what they are.


Water farming sometimes drenched in controversy

WFSU Tallahassee

It doesn’t need fertilizer, pesticides or require a back-breaking harvest. That’s why one of the most tempting new crops for Florida farmers is water. Environmentalists and the agricultural industry are pumped about a cheaper way to fight pollution and droughts. But after Gov. Rick Scott vetoed more than $30 million lawmakers wanted to spend on water farming, the question is how to pay for it.


NASA 'eyes' study Louisiana's changing wetlands

Space Daily

NASA recently completed an intensive study of Louisiana Gulf Coast levees and wetlands, making measurements with three advanced imaging instruments on two research aircraft. The goal of the research is to provide data to federal and local agencies, which use the information to determine where to concentrate resources and combat the negative effects of wetland loss and floods.

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