Thursday, June 9, 2016

Taking the lead

New Orleans invests big in green infrastructure

Wikimedia Commons

Associated Press

In a metamorphosis, New Orleans — once overwhelmed by failed levees and Hurricane Katrina's floodwaters — is moving to become a national model of how an urban center can embrace green tactics to tame water. The city is recalibrating its century-old system of drainage canals and massive pumps by installing green infrastructure projects, potentially on an unprecedented scale for an American city.


Ga., Fla. water war could go to trial again this fall

Atlanta Journal-Constitution

Georgia and Florida are ready to go to trial — again — to try to resolve the never-ending water war between the two states over a fair sharing of the Chattahoochee and Flint rivers. Attorneys for both states this week told the U.S. Supreme Court’s “special master” in charge of the case that an early November trial in Washington would be suitable. It could last two months.


Flash flood? UTA researcher has an app for that

Fort Worth Star-Telegram

Stormy weather swept across much of Texas over this past week, and a new weather app is designed to help with flash flooding. University of Texas at Arlington associate professor D.J. Seo has launched the crowdsourcing app, iSeeFlood, that will allow real-time flooding to be reported.

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