Thursday, May 26, 2016

Texas water plan

State sets course, approves $62 billion in projects


Circle of Blue

The Texas Water Development Board approved the newest edition of the state water plan, a document that includes $62 billion in capital projects over 50 years to respond to the threat of water shortages. Texas is expected to add more than 24 million people by 2070 and existing water sources are insufficient, the plan asserts, because of population growth, groundwater depletion, and sediment buildup in reservoirs.


Florida DEP defends water pollution standards

Tallahassee Democrat

The Florida DEP is defending its proposed new pollution limits for surface waters, saying they aren’t weaker than current standards and won’t decrease the protection they provide people. But environmental groups assert the agency is in fact weakening standards for many of the toxic compounds it allows to be discharged into the state’s rivers, lakes, streams and coastal waters.


LSU lab tries to harness sun for water purification

The Advocate

Louisiana State University researchers will investigate the use of sunlight to create safe drinking water at the school’s BASF Sustainable Living Lab. The university's research group will use the lab to develop a portable disinfection system using visible light from the sun to provide safe drinking water to undeveloped countries.

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