Thursday, May 12, 2016

Go with the flow

New online tools help with La. water management

RTI International

The Advocate

New computer tools are available to help with a wide variety of water issues crucial for Louisiana, including the development and management of dams to the study of how planned projects could help or hurt the state in the future. Several new computer tools launched by The Nature Conservancy show the impacts of water management choices, both now and in the future. The computer tools add to the Louisiana Freshwater Assessment project launched in 2014.


Study: Oil-eating bacteria can clean up the Gulf

UT News

Microbiologists at the University of Texas at Austin and their colleagues have cracked the genetic code of how bacteria broke down oil to help clean up the Deepwater Horizon oil spill. The findings reveal that some bacteria have far greater potential for consuming oil than was previously known.


The high cost of underinvesting in infrastructure

American Society of Civil Engineers

Today's release of the ASCE's Failure to Act: Closing the Investment Gap for America's Economic Future reveals that inadequate infrastructure is costing every American family $3,400 a year in disposable income. The economic study, an update to the initial series ASCE released prior to the 2013 Report Card, identifies the 10-year needs across 10 categories of infrastructure is $3.3 trillion, including a $1.4 trillion investment gap.

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