Thursday, May 7, 2015

No clarity

Court refuses to rehear major water case in Texas

Fracking water during different stages of a purification and recycling process. COOPER NEIL

Texas Tribune

Texas Tribune

The Texas Supreme Court declined to re-examine a high-profile case that asked a perplexing question: If industrial wastewater pollutes your groundwater, can you sue for trespassing? Energy and water interests have sought clarity on that issue amid a tug-of-war over brackish groundwater aquifers.


Texas water desalination bill moves ahead

Austin Business Journal

The Texas legislative session’s major bill designed to boost desalination projects in the state has been referred to the Senate Agriculture, Water & Rural Affairs Committee. The state currently has two pilot seawater desalination plant studies


App helps Florida residents visualize sea-level rise

Fierce Homeland Security

What will the impact of rising seas look like for Miami-Dade residents? Florida International University has developed a new interactive and free web application called the Sea Level Rise Toolbox that can help residents visualize just that.

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