Thursday, April 21, 2016

Rising challenge

Urban sprawl outpaces Houston's flood control efforts

Photographer Andy Hemingway took these photos during a walk along several of Houston freeways April 18, 2016. The freeways were virtually empty due to severe flooding caused by historic storms overnight.


Associated Press

Flood control has long been a challenging issue in Houston. Reservoirs built in the 1940s helped alleviate some of the problems but experts said efforts since then have fallen short. And there is climate change, which has increased the frequency of large rainfalls. The result this week was that sudden downpours overwhelmed infrastructure and inundated the nation's fourth-largest city. The flood-devastated area faces the threat of more precipitation through Friday.


Army Corps to identify miles of risky U.S. coast

Miami Herald

With sea rise projections growing ever grimmer the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers has launched an ambitious plan to come up with a comprehensive assessment of risks that could easily run into the billions of dollars. Covering 10,000 miles of vulnerable shoreline from North Carolina to Mississippi, the study for the first time tries to unify what has so far been a patchwork of sea rise assessments.


ULM strikes deal to conduct clean water research

News Star

The University of Louisiana Monroe and the Ouachita Parish Police Jury are entering into a memorandum of understanding to conduct clean water research. This partnership and future research comes at a pivotal time, as much of Louisiana’s bodies of water are affected by pollution. In some areas water may be unsafe for humans to drink or bathe in, and fish may be unsafe for human consumption.

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