Thursday, March 26, 2015

Get smart

Report: Texas could save big with lawn watering change

A green lawn in the Olmos Park neighborhood of San Antonio, shown on June 5, 2012. JENN WHITNEY

Texas Tribune

Texas Tribune

Even Texans with the greenest of lawns water them too much, many landscape experts say. And if everyone would turn on the sprinklers only twice a week the water savings would be significant, according to a new report. In the Dallas and Houston regions, about 52 billion gallons of water per year could be saved just by cutting back lawn watering, the report says.


Florida contamination sites to get fresh scrutiny

Tampa Bay Times

For years in Tallahassee, the list of contaminated sites that are believed to pose a "low risk" to drinking water have numbered about 5,000. But no one is quite sure they are just low risk. Now the Florida DEP is adopting a new strategy aimed at completing a full assessment of each site in smaller counties over several years.


La. tries to shift focus to high-priority water bodies

The Advocate

A proposed policy shift that would allow the Louisiana DEQ to concentrate more efforts on improving water quality in the highest-priority water bodies in the state is out for public comment. The state wants to know what the public thinks the criteria should be in prioritizing waterways or segments of waterways for action.

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