Thursday, Feb. 2, 2017

Budget proposal

Florida governor leaves reservoir out of $83.5M request

Wikimedia Commons

Florida Gov. Rick Scott on Tuesday released an $83.5 million state budget request that does not include an Everglades reservoir and provides $25 million in land buying, setting the stage for a tug-of-war with Senate President Joe Negron. Negron has proposed that the state and federal governments split the $2.4 billion cost for reservoir south of Lake Okeechobee to divert harmful discharges to coastal estuaries.


San Antonio opens new water desalination plant

San Antonio Express-News

The second-largest desalination plant in Texas was unveiled in San Antonio, adding significantly to the San Antonio Water System's water supplies. The plant, which turns salty groundwater into drinking water, can supply up to 4.4 billion gallons per year, enough for 100,000 households. With the desalination plant operating, SAWS now controls three water supplies from one central hub.


Study identifies Southeast’s imperiled waterways

University of Georgia

After more than a year of data collection, analysis and mapping, the University of Georgia River Basin Center and the Tennessee Aquarium Conservation Institute recently published a comprehensive survey of Southeastern watersheds and the diverse aquatic wildlife that live in these freshwater ecosystems.