Thursday, Jan. 14, 2016

Water bill advances

Unanimous Senate vote sends Fla. legislation to House

Florida Politics

Orlando Sentinel

A bill designed to clean up Florida’s waterways and protect the supply of water for future development in the state cleared the Senate on Wednesday by a unanimous vote. The bill, SB 522, is a top priority of House Speaker Crisafulli, R-Merritt Island, who has championed the legislation as laying the foundation for later growth while improving water quality. The House is expected to pass the bill today and send it to Gov. Rick Scott.


New optimism on Everglades restoration

Sun Sentinel

Halfway through the projected 30-year life of the Everglades restoration project, no one expects the job to be completed on time. Yet there was unusual optimism at the annual conference of the Everglades Coalition, the group of environmentalists, scientists, business leaders and government officials who support the restoration of South Florida's wilderness.


Texas faces pollution enforcement challenge

The Hill

Two environmental groups are asking the Environmental Protection Agency to take over the enforcement of federal air and water laws in Texas. The Environmental Defense Fund and the Caddo Lake Institute said recent legislation in Texas pushes the state below the minimum requirements for granting permits to facilities that could pollute the air or water.

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