Tuesday, Nov. 17, 2015

Worst on record

This summer's Lake Erie algal bloom sets new mark


Columbus Dispatch

It official: The algae bloom that covered Lake Erie this past summer was the biggest and baddest ever recorded. NOAA announced that finding, saying this past summer’s toxic-algae bloom was more severe even than the 2011 bloom. The announcement renewed calls that Ohio pursue a federal impairment designation for the lake. The designation is credited with helping Chesapeake Bay fight its algae problems by reducing the amount of nutrients that flow into the bay.


EPA to audit Michigan drinking water program


In the wake of high lead levels in water in some Flint, Mich., homes, the U.S. EPA announced it will audit the state's drinking water program. The EPA says it will examine the Michigan Department of Environmental Quality's "implementation of the Safe Drinking Water Act and related rules." A spokesman for the DEQ, issued a statement pledging the agency's cooperation.


Stormwater project will protect Minnesota lake

Star Tribune

A new Roseville, Minn., city project soon will divert millions of gallons of stormwater from flowing into Lake McCarrons each year. The stormwater will be captured, filtered and used to irrigate a local sports field. It’s part of a new generation of projects across the Twin Cities designed to reuse or filter stormwater before it flows back into lakes and rivers.

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