Tuesday, Nov. 11, 2014

Remove or revive?

Communities face tough, costly decisions as dams age

The Byllesby Dam got a new spillway with concrete gates that can release water when necessary. RENÉE JONES SCHNEIDER

Star Tribune

Star Tribune

Lake Byllesby is one of hundreds of dams in Minnesota that are decades past their 50-year life span and that need emergency — or just constant — repair. And as costs mount, the question is rising: Are these dams worth it? The average U.S. dam is 52 years old, according to the ASCE, which gave them a “D” in last year’s national report card.


Michigan water policy at a fork in the road


Jon Allan, director of Michigan's Office of the Great Lakes, hopes the overarching statewide strategy his office is developing will steer the state's water policy with broad goals for the next 30 years. Implementation should get some help from the state's fiscal 2015 budget, which included notable expenditures for water quality.


'Green' sites aim to keep sewage out of Lake Erie

Cleveland Plain Dealer

Officials in Cleveland recently unveiled the first of a series of "green" projects that use natural landscaping, rather than underground pipes, to help keep stormwater from swamping the city's sewerage system, sending untreated wastewater into Lake Erie.

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