Tuesday, Nov. 10, 2015

Final report

DNR: PolyMet safeguards would protect environment


MPR News

A milestone Minnesota DNR report says PolyMet's plans to control pollution from a proposed massive copper-nickel mine are strong enough to protect natural resources. The final environmental review generally agrees with PolyMet's models that conclude mine runoff would not flow into the Boundary Waters or Voyaguers National Park and will run at volume low enough that only a relatively low level of polluted water could escape planned water treatment systems.


Study: Cities can influence flood severity

Purdue University

Current flood models do not account for cities' impact on local rainfall patterns, an oversight that could lead to significantly underestimating the severity of urban floods, a Purdue study finds. Researchers showed that city-altered rainfall patterns and drainage networks can modify the strength and duration of floods and damage water quality.


Legislators want faster action to stop Asian carp

Detroit Free Press

Nearly two years after the release of a landmark report on alternatives for keeping Asian carp out of the Great Lakes, federal officials told members of Congress on Wednesday it could be another four years before recommendations for stopping the invasive species at a key chokepoint outside Chicago are ready. Members of Congress are demanding faster government action.

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