Tuesday, Sept. 19, 2017

Holding steady

Flint water meets EPA standard for 2nd month in a row

Flint Journal


Water tested from 138 Flint homes last month by Virginia Tech University has registered lead levels that meet federal guidelines and are significantly lower than two years ago. Professor Marc Edwards said the testing is most likely the last such sampling VT will coordinate in Flint after 90 percent of the homes tested in the latest round showed 9.8 or fewer parts per billion of lead, less than the 15 ppb limit.


Lake Erie algal bloom weakening as water cools

The Plain Dealer

Boaters, fishermen and Lake Erie vacationers appear to have dodged a massive harmful algal bloom for a second consecutive summer. Just as with last summer's bloom — one of the smallest in a decade — this summer's bloom seems to have defied the early summer forecasts to expect the potentially third-largest bloom on record.


Chicago, Israel strike deal for water research


Chicago has abundant water, from the Chicago River to Lake Michigan. Israel is situated in the desert-like Middle East where water is a precious commodity. But it is water that has brought the city and the country together in several new ventures. Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel visited Israel to sign an agreement with two universities focusing on water research.