Tuesday, Sept. 1, 2015

Major test

Waukesha's quest for water challenges '08 compact

Waukesha, despite being close to Lake Michigan, is about a mile and a half outside the lake’s natural basin, complicating the prospects of getting water from it. ANDREW NELLES

New York Times

New York Times

In a wetter era, Waukesha's plan to tap into Lake Michigan might have fallen on more sympathetic ears. But the Wisconsin city faces a daunting obstacle now: Historic drought in the West, which has made Midwest officials more protective than ever of their increasingly valuable resource. Waukesha’s quest — the first proposal for such a diversion outside the Great Lakes basin in years — is seen by some as a first major test of the compact, its strength and its limits.


Minn. cities fighting back against flushable wipes

Star Tribune

Minnesota cities are declaring war on flushable wipes. State law has long held that cities aren’t responsible for foreign objects in the sewer system. But the popularity of flushable wipes has forced cities to defend themselves aggressively against homeowners who seek payment for damages from sewer backups caused by wipes and other “rags,” as they’re called in industry lingo.


Ballast delivers viral invaders to Great Lakes

Michigan State University

Millions of tiny, dangerous microbes are hitching rides in ballast water which is then released into new environments when ships dock at their destinations, according to Michigan State researchers. The study produced the most-detailed list of viruses in ballast water to date, and aims to provide engineers, environmental scientists and policy makers with vital information on how ships spread viruses.

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