Tuesday, June 23, 2015

End of the line

Minn. pulls the plug on pollution-fighting citizens' panel


MPR News

The Minnesota Pollution Control Agency Citizens' Board was once one of the state's most powerful citizen bodies — the decision-making panel protecting air and water. This week, though, it will be gone, the victim of a legislative deal reached during a special session. For decades, the citizens' panel oversaw decisions like whether to require an in-depth environmental study for a project, or whether a new water quality rule was justified.


New beach water test dramatically speeds results


A new water test that breaks down the DNA of E. coli will allow Genesee County and several other areas across Michigan to cut down on the hours it takes them to detect the bacteria in water at inland lakes. The new testing method — quantitative polymerase chain reaction — providing sample results in four hours, at least 12 hours fewer than the current procedure.


Indiana researchers measure bathroom behavior

Indiana University Bloomington

“If it’s yellow, let it mellow” has been a household refrain for years, but few have adopted the practice to reduce water usage. New research from Indiana University shows that disgust and contamination concerns keep Americans reaching for the handle. The findings are compiled in “Don’t Rush to Flush,” published in the Journal of Environmental Psychology.

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