Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Big plan unveiled

Michigan lays out 30-year strategy for managing water



A long-awaited planning document meant to guide Michigan's water usage and management policies for the next 30 years is out in draft form. The 160-page report titled "Sustaining Michigan's Water Heritage," includes dozens of recommendations for protecting and improving the state's water health paired with timelines and performance measurements.


Battle brewing in Minnesota over EPA water rule

Star Tribune

The EPA’s proposed clean water rule has put two of Minnesota’s most vital economic engines on a collision course. The $22 billion-a-year agriculture industry has declared war on the rule and the state’s $13 billion-a-year tourism industry has fired back, pointing to degrading water quality caused by fertilizer and animal waste.


Michigan, Ohio to cut phosphorus for Lake Erie

Detroit News

Michigan and Ohio have agreed to sharply reduce phosphorus runoff blamed for a rash of harmful algae blooms on Lake Erie that have contaminated drinking water supplies and contributed to oxygen-deprived dead zones. The two states, along with Ontario, aim to cut phosphorus by 40 percent within the next 10 years.

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