Tuesday, Sept. 15, 2015

Driving change

Rhode Island DOT program to keep runoff at bay

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Providence Journal

The Rhode Island Department of Transportation is preparing to embark on a 20-year plan to repair and maintain drainage systems along 1,100 miles of roads around the state in an effort to better control tainted runoff that can carry everything from trash and sand to oil and grease into Narragansett Bay and other water bodies.


Health takes back seat to cost, study finds

North Carolina Health News

Cost, rather than a concern for public health, can take priority when local officials decide whether to expand water and sewer lines into unserved areas, a new study by University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill researchers found.


NYC challenges enlarged flood maps

E&E Publishing

New York City and dozens of other communities that were flooded during Superstorm Sandy are challenging the government's updated flood maps showing expansions of flood risk areas where thousands of buildings could be damaged.

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