Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Bill of health

Report: Maine's Casco Bay chemistry changing rapidly

The study examined the health of the waters of Casco Bay, seen here in a shot from the Portland, Maine, waterfront. TOM PORTER


Maine Public Broadcasting

A new study reveals rapid changes in the chemistry of the water in parts of Casco Bay. Using 20 years' worth of data, , the environmental group Friends of Casco Bay has found high levels of nitrogen and low oxygen levels in a number of coastal locations. And that has worrying implications for Maine's shellfish industry.


MIT develops solar desalination machine


A team from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and Jain Irrigation Systems has come up with a method of turning brackish water into drinking water using renewable energy.


Study: Reefs, beaches enhance coastal resilience


The resilience of U.S. coastal communities to storms, flooding, erosion and other threats can be strengthened when they are protected by natural infrastructure such as marshes, reefs and beaches, or with a combination of natural habitat and built infrastructure, according to a new NOAA study.

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