Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Historic project

Passaic River to get $1.38B cleanup over 10 years


New York Times

A $1.38 billion, 10-year plan to remove more than a century’s worth of industrial toxins from the lower eight miles of the Passaic River was made final by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency on Friday. The project, New Jersey officials said, would be among the most ambitious and expensive cleanup efforts in the 35-year history of the federal Superfund program.


Managing waste: Another kind of hog farm

North Carolina Health News

Part research facility, part demonstration for the Center for Environmental Farming Systems, a 142-animal operation in North Carolina hopes to show how hogs can be raised without antibiotics in a way that grants them enough space to roam – and that keeps their waste out of open-air lagoons.


Trees vital to improving stream quality, study finds


Want better streams? Plant some trees, according to a University of Georgia study. Researchers found that where landowners cut down the forests that bordered streams — turning them into pastures or lawns — the structure and even the amount of aquatic habitat changes dramatically.

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