Tuesday, Feb. 7, 2017

EPA warning

Pennsylvania on notice over drinking water violations

Replacing homeowners' service lines atop Peduto's wish list in possible PWSA restructuring. THOMAS ESHENBAUGH / Tribune-Review


Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

Federal regulators have strongly criticized the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection for failures in the administration of its safe drinking water program. If the program can’t meet minimum federal inspection and regulation requirements, the state DEP could be required to cede control of the program to the EPA. According to a letter from the federal agency, DEP staffing cuts and fewer inspections could lead to serious public health implications.


Virginia on track to meet 2017 bay cleanup goals

Richmond Times-Dispatch

The Chesapeake Bay cleanup is making real progress in blue crabs, underwater grasses and other key areas but still lags in wetlands and forest buffers, as a plan to restore the bay hits the halfway mark. The 2015-2016 Bay Barometer released last week indicates Virginia and some other bay states will not only meet their 2017 restoration targets but, in some cases, are already ahead of the game.


Seaweed may clean Maine's unhealthy waters

Bangor Daily News

Seaweed cultivation has been promoted in recent years in Maine as a way to produce local nutritious food and to boost the coastal economy. Now, seaweed harvesters say their industry provides yet another benefit: environmental protection. A new study indicates growing and harvesting seaweed may be an antidote for increasing carbon and acidity levels in the ocean.