Tuesday, Jan. 27, 2015

Changing waters

Fearful scientists expect extinctions as ocean acidifies


Tribune News Service

As waters acidify in states such as North Carolina, Maine, Massachusetts and the Chesapeake Bay region, scientists are worried about the future well-being of some marine animals that may find it difficult to develop the shells they need to survive. Some states are now looking to act on this threat.


Vermont lawmakers move to ban microbeads

Bennington Banner

Lawmakers are looking to ban microbeads, barely visible plastic scrubbing grains used in personal care products, in Vermont because the non-biodegradable plastic waste goes down the drain and slips through nearly all of the state's wastewater treatment plants.


Public-private partnership floated for James River

Nelson County Times

A new conservation program may bolster restoration efforts along the James River through a United States Department of Agriculture plan to invest in public-private partnerships.

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