June 1, 2012

The Rulindo Challenge
The Rulindo Challenge

Brown and Caldwell sponsored Water For People’s Rulindo Challenge launch event, which took place May 7 in San Francisco. The Rulindo Challenge is a commitment by Water For People, its supporters, the government of Rwanda and the people of the Rulindo District of Rwanda to bring potable water to every home, every clinic and every school, forever. It’s part of WFP’s groundbreaking Everyone Forever initiative, to create “forever” solutions to the world’s water crisis one community at a time.

During the launch events, BC Water News interviewed the mayor of Rulindo, Justus Kangwagye, and Water For People CEO Ned Breslin to tell readers about the Rulindo Challenge and what’s different about the Everyone Forever program. Watch now to learn how the Water News community is helping this groundbreaking program and how you can join this important work.


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