Thursday, Nov. 10, 2016

Heating up

Arizona confident in water-conservation efforts

Arizona DWR

Arizona Republic

Some parts of southwest Arizona could experience more than 140 days of temperatures above 100 degrees within 20 years, according to a climate change model from the EPA, resulting in greater vulnerability to drought. But water utilities and state agencies say they are confident that the state has been careful in its water use, and communities and water utilities have developed responses to changing climates for years.


On the Colorado, climate change is water change

Water Deeply

The Colorado River Basin is undergoing one of the worst droughts ever recorded, producing those apocalyptic images of Lake Mead and Lake Powell with their gigantic “bathtub ring” shorelines caused by shrinking water supply. A team of scientists declares in a new report explaining the effects of climate change on the river that there won't be any "breakthroughs" to save us from water scarcity.


NACWA unveils new stormwater legal white paper

National Association of Clean Water Agencies

A new white paper from the National Association of Clean Water Agencies provides analysis on the types of legal issues impacting stormwater programs and presents an overview of trends that are emerging based on the outcomes of key cases.

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