Thursday, Nov. 9, 2017

Against the flow

Ancient irrigation system disrupts big ag in Southwest

For over a century, acequias have resisted the flow of water toward corporations in New Mexico and Colorado. (Photo by Buyenlarge/Getty Images)

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Yes Magazine & New Mexican

In New Mexico and Colorado, legal statutes enable an area’s original water user to transfer their portions to the highest bidder virtually anywhere in the state. But for over a century, acequias — an ancient form of community water management originating at least 1,000 years ago — have resisted that flow. After receiving wider legal protections for self-governance in the 2000s, acequias are disrupting modern agricultural practices by assuring the equitable distribution of water to rural communities.


Pain in the Drain: Nevada district targets wipes

Las Vegas Sun & Clark County Water Reclamation District

Although flushable wipes are advertised as just that, the alternative to toilet paper is a real "pain in the drain" for utility workers. The wipes can clog pipes and pumps at lift stations. That's why the Clark County Water Reclamation District in Nevada has launched the Pain in the Drain campaign to educate the public about not flushing wipes and other items like prescription pills.


Governors want feds' help in invasive mussel fight

Associated Press

Governors of 19 Western states are pressing the federal government to do more to prevent the spread of damage-causing invasive mussels from infected federally managed waterways. The Western Governors' Association sent a letter urging Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke to put in place by spring 2018 controls to prevent the spread of zebra and quagga mussels.