Thursday, Oct. 6, 2016

70-99% chance

SW likely to suffer crippling megadrought this century


Popular Mechanics

The West's recent water woes may pale in comparison to what's coming later in the century, researchers say. The Southwest may very well face a decades-long megadrought before the 21st century is out. A team of climate scientists led by Toby Ault of Cornell University has just calculated the risk of a Southwestern megadrought occurring by 2100. According to the research, if we continue producing greenhouse gases at our current rate, then there's a 70 to 99 percent chance it'll happen.


Nitrates in water more harmful than we thought

Des Moines Register

Elevated nitrates in drinking water — a persistent problem in Iowa — have been be linked to health concerns that include birth defects, cancers and thyroid problems, according to a state environmental group's review of dozens of health studies. The studies reinforce the need to work harder to reduce nitrates and other pollution in the state's rivers and streams, the Iowa Environmental Council said.


Superfund project manager known as 'bright star'

Durango Herald

Whether you support the Superfund program or not, colleagues agree, the hazardous cleanup of mines surrounding Silverton, Colo., could not be in more trusted hands than the EPA’s Rebecca Thomas. Last month, the agency formally listed 48 mining sites responsible for degrading water quality in the Animas River Basin as a Superfund site, with Thomas, based in Denver, as project manager.

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