Thursday, Sept. 8, 2016

Dire warning

Study: Lake Powell could be dry in as little as 6 years

Daily Star

Arizona Daily Star

Lake Powell has been called “Jewel of the Colorado” by the federal agency that built it, the Bureau of Reclamation. It’s been a vital force for the intermountain West because of its ability to store vast amounts of water and generate electricity for farmers, cities and towns in 13 states. But a new study warns that the lake could virtually dry up in as few as six years if the region gets a repeat of the dry spell it experienced from 2000 to 2005.


Author debunks the West's biggest water myths

Water Deeply

In his new book, "Water Is for Fighting Over, and Other Myths About Water in the West," author John Fleck shares stories about how collaboration instead of conflict is driving water decisions in the Colorado River basin.


Scientists collaborate on border aquifer research

Circle of Blue

Not only are they geographic features, the rivers that mark the U.S.-Mexico border are cultural icons. But, understudied and neglected, these "transboundary aquifers" are a glaring omission for two countries that have jointly managed rivers for decades. It is not a lost cause, though. A turning point may be at hand.

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