Thursday, June 29, 2017

New baby boom

Colorado water experts prepare for population spike

The Pine River flows into the San Juan River and ultimately into the Colorado River, all part of a critical water supply in the West. (Pine River Times file)

The Journal

The Journal & Colorado Demography Office

If population projections for Colorado and the region are on target, water supplies could be a critical issue by midcentury, experts say. A State Demography Office report says Colorado's population is expected to hit 8.5 million by 2050. Matt Mulica, the project facilitator for the Colorado Water and Growth Dialogue, said his institute along with local communities want to reduce water waste through planning and development changes.


Why 'water banking' is critical to Arizona

Arizona Public Media & University of Arizona

Drought and overallocation are threats to the Colorado River’s water supply, the source of much of Arizona’s water, and “water banking” is one way to buffer the state against shortages. Although storing water underground in natural aquifers has been a crucial component of Arizona’s water management plan, the University of Arizona Water Resources Research Center says the method is not very well understood. To change that, the center has released a report that explains this sustainable water method.


Water experts debate draining Lake Powell

KNAU Arizona Public Radio

An environmental group in Utah wants to drain Lake Powell and move its water downstream to Lake Mead. The proposal, called Fill Mead First, was suggested by Utah’s Glen Canyon Institute. Supporters say the plan will save water and restore Glen Canyon's ecosystem, but critics say the numbers just don't add up.