Thursday, June 8, 2017

Grand Canyon at risk

Arizona officials ask Trump to end uranium mining ban

The now-inactive Kanab North Mine is located near Kanab Creek on the Grand Canyon's North Rim. The creek flows into the Colorado River near the Havasupai Reservation. (Robin Silver)

KNAU Flagstaff

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A coalition of Arizona and Utah officials is urging the Trump administration to consider rolling back Obama-era environmental protections that ban new uranium mining near the Grand Canyon. They argue that the 20-year ban is unlawful and stifles economic opportunity in the mining industry. But supporters of the ban say new mining activity could increase the risk of uranium-contaminated water flowing into the canyon.


To destroy or save the Glen Canyon Dam?

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For boaters and tourist businesses in Utah, draining Lake Powell would be a disaster. But for environmentalists and those who rely on water from Lake Mead, it might be a dream. The two sides faced off in Carson City, Nevada, in a meeting of the Nevada Senate Committee on Natural Resources. They were discussing Assembly Joint Resolution 4, which would have called on the federal government to study Colorado River water management, including draining Lake Powell and destroying the Glen Canyon Dam.


Caffeine could be harming waterways, wildlife

Water Deeply

What would we do without caffeine? Millions of Americans rely on it in coffee, tea and energy drinks. But recent testing has found low levels of caffeine — even in relatively remote waterways around the West. Studies show it may be harmful to some wildlife species, but more research is needed.