Thursday, May 25, 2017

Winter waterland

Study: Western snowpack could decline 60% by 2040

Washoe Lake State Park

Wikimedia Commons

Water Deeply & Vail Daily News

Since many areas of the West get little or no summer rain, winter snowpack is their lifeblood. The gradually melting mountain snow refills reservoirs and groundwater aquifers, helping farms and cities survive months of hot, dry weather from California to Colorado. Deep winter snows are no guarantee, however. A new study warns that winters with substantially less mountain snow could become the norm.


Lead found at 16 Arizona schools, facilities

Arizona Daily Star

Elevated levels of lead have been found at more than a dozen Pima County schools and district facilities, prompting a handful to shut down drinking fountains. The schools and facilities were identified through a state screening program to proactively identify potential lead issues in public school water systems.


Nevada Legislature fails to pass water bills

Las Vegas Review-Journal & Northern Nevada Business Weekly

Nearly three dozen more bills were tossed to the legislative scrap heap after failing to advance beyond a do-or-die deadline in the Nevada Legislature. Seven Assembly and 26 Senate bills didn’t survive. Among them: the resolution requesting an independent scientific and economic analysis on management of the Colorado River and Assembly Bill 298, a controversial water bill whose critics argued would make it easier for large water import projects.