Thursday, May 18, 2017

Basin battle

How the Colorado River's future depends on Salton Sea

A map shows the location of the Salton Sea and the Colorado River Basin. CENTRAL BASIN WATER DISTRICT

Water Deeply & KLAS Las Vegas

California's largest lake, the Salton Sea, has become a sticking point in negotiations among three states over the future of the Colorado River. California, Arizona, and Nevada are in the midst of negotiating a drought contingency plan. It would commit each state to reducing diversions from the Colorado River in order to prevent Lake Mead from shrinking to disastrously low levels, a critical Southwest resource.


Water-wise eco district on the rise in Reno

Architect's Newspaper

The world’s first high desert biome eco district, the $1.2 billion West 2nd District, is taking shape in the heart of downtown Reno, Nev. Bounded by the Truckee River, the district features water planning, with stormwater sequestration, wastewater treatment, and digital tools to monitor and control these adaptive systems.