Thursday, April 30, 2015

Split season

Innovative water use plan could help Crystal River

Colorado Water Trust

Glenwood Springs Post Independent

An innovative deal put together by the Colorado Water Trust to leave more water in the Little Cimarron River, a heavily diverted tributary of the Cimarron and Gunnison rivers east of Montrose, could serve as model solution to the low flows that often plague the Crystal River in late summer.


City may fight plan to recycle treated wastewater

StateImpact Oklahoma

With concern over drought at a high point in Oklahoma, the City of Norman decided in 2014 to pursue a plan to clean water that has been used by customers and return it to Lake Thunderbird — the city’s main water source — to be used again. But officials in Midwest City, just across the shores, aren't too keen on that idea.


Can ‘Airbnb for water’ help farmers in drought?


With the persistent drought wreaking havoc, a Denver-based startup has a solution that fits right in with the growing sharing economy: letting farmers with surplus water rent it to others who need it.

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